1:1CONCERTS, Belgrade edition 2021

Orfeus and the Cultural Center of Belgrade collaborated on two days of marathon 1:1CONCERTS on 15-16 May 2021.

There were 4 musicians, 12 guests and 4 venues.

This platform has been created by a group of German managers and musicians and it adjusted perfectely to Covid security measures. It is inspired by Marina Abramovic’s project The Artist is Present. Concerts are of a private nature (one performer gives a musical gift to one listener), held in unconventional spaces, unknown to both the performer and the listener. The element of privacy and surprise is enhanced by the ad hoc choice of place, musician and music, that each listener is receiving. Each concert takes 30 minutes, of which 10-15 minutes is meant for playing. It consists of: Introduction by the host; an intense, one minute long mutual eye gaze between the performer and the listener, upon which the player decides what to perform for each specific listener; and finally a presentation of a written trace -a certificate with names of the venue, performer and program.