Method: Achievement is the best stimulation!

This is Milica’s teaching motto. Every student should go forward in his or her own pace. The teaching is planed differently for each individual, but the “I can do today what I couldn’t do yesterday” is the guidance in our process of learning. This way, students take pride in their skills however small they may seem in the beginning, they practice willingly and they can be assured that their investment pays off. For the youngest ones creative games and toys are provided.

The repertoire

varies depending of student’s wishes. Each student is guaranteed the knowledge in note-reading, music theory, improvisation, accompaniment and if required piano technique. The level of all of these skills depends of age, desire and previous experience in playing if there is such. Teaching can be arranged in Swedish, English, Russian and Serbian.


teaching takes place at student’s homes (in Stockholm city) only if there are enough students to provide for at least 90 minutes session, otherwise at teachers home. Lesson’s duration is 30 or 45 minutes.

The fee

depends of the duration and location of the lesson. The fee is paid in advance for the whole term (15 lessons if once a week). One trial lesson is free of charge.

Scores and material

can come from the teacher, or if so agreed may be bought by the student. Copied material may originate from English, Swedish, German, Russian and Serbian Piano School volumes. Students should also have a music notebook. Written homework may occur but in a form of puzzle or game.

Demonstration and documentation:

Once every term we organize a little show for our audience. Milica offers an insight in student’s lesson-protocol to the parents and a report-card at the end of the term.