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Milica Lundin

Milica Lundin is a Swedish professional pianist, piano teacher and culture project manager, who grew up in Belgrade. She got her musical education in Belgrade, Moscow and Vilnius.


Between 2002-2006, while working at the music school “Mokranjac” in Belgrade, Milica’s students won numerous prizes at competitions for student pianists. Milica herself in her youth won prizes at the competitions for young musicians of Serbia and Yugoslavia.

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As a piano soloist, Milica has performed in all the countries of her residence. She occasionally plays in chamber trios and duos. As a piano accompanist she has great experience with singers and also as a ballet accompanist at various Swedish dance schools.

Piano teaching

When in Sweden, piano teaching is Milica’s main occupation. She was a short term employee at the Culture School of the Stockholm suburb Nacka during two different periods. She organized piano lessons at Europaskolan and Montesoriskolan in Stockholm. Later she organized lessons through her private agency at rented premises in central Stockholm.

Cultural managment

Within the area of cultural management, Milica directs her efforts to arranging concerts in Sweden and abroad, and policy related research and projects in areas such as audience development, problems of inclusion and gender equality.

Piano teaching

From June 2016 not available for piano teaching in Sweden

Cultural Management - Audience Development

Online conference “Audience development within Classical Music: Bringing Classical Music Back Into the Spotlight”,
in partnership with culture hub Multikultivator and EU Info Center from Belgrade, May 2020.

The Conference "Audience development with Classical Music: Bringing Classical Music Back Into the Spotlight" Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, Belgrade, May 2019

Swedish Music

Concert of Swedish Music, Hall of Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, Cetinje. 07.06.2018.