Online conference “Audience development within Classical Music: Bringing Classical Music Back Into the Spotlight”, in partnership with culture hub Multikultivator and EU Info Center from Belgrade, May 2020.

Panel topics:
  1. Panel 1: Transdisciplinary/ institutional exchange and cooperation
  2. Panel 2: New and old audiences
  3. Webinar: Conclusions, open discussion
Klemen Hvala musician, former artistic manager of Slovenian Philharmonics, Slovenia
Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard Slovenia cultural manager, producer, Folketshusrådet, Sweden
Marija M. Karan lecturer at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Serbia
Goran Tomka

researcher, docent at the Faculty for Sport and Tourism in Novi Sad, lecturer at the UNESCO department for cultural policy and managment of Belgrade University of Arts, Serbia

David Thyren, Eva Bojner Horwitz researchers, professors at Academy of Music Education at  Royal College of Music/ Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
Katarina Mažuran Jurešić audience development manager for Programs for Cultural Development at the National Theatre “Ivan Zajc”, Rijeka, Croatia
Sabina Hadžibulić assistant professor, researcher in educational and social sciences, Institute for Humanities at Örebro University, Sweden
Milica Lundin musician, cultural manager, agency Orfeus, Sweden
Vladimir Djordjević

cultural manager, Service for Culture and Arts Development Multikultivator, Serbia

Goran Tomka
Marija Karan
Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard
Klemen Hvala


David Thyren
Eva Bojner Horwitz
Katarina Mažuran Jurešić
Sabina Hadžibulić