milica Lundin was born in the city of Cetinje (today in Montenegro, former Yugoslavia). She grew up in Belgrade (today capital of Serbia), where she received her musical education in the music school/gymnasium “Mokranjac” and graduated at the Belgrade Academy of music. She completed her studies in Moscow, at the Musical and Pedagogical Institute “Gnesini” and in Vilnius at the Academy of Music.

Milica Lundin

Since 1989. Milica lives in Sweden. She is married to a Swedish diplomat. Due to her husband’s carrier she has spent many years abroad. In 1991-1997 she lived in Vilnius, Lithuania and in Moscow. 2001-2010 she was living in Belgrade and in Berlin.

Milica Lundin

While in Sweden Milica has been working as a substitute teacher in various music schools, as a dance accompanist and as an evening courses teacher. She had also broadened her professional profile by taking a course in Art History at the Stockholm University. She is currently situated in Stockholm, where she works as a pianist and piano teacher. She will finish a course in Cultural Project Management at the Stockholm University in the spring of 2011.

During her stay abroad Milica engaged herself in different projects and activities. She used her teaching skills by collaborating with local Swedish primary schools abroad as a piano instructor and choir accompanist. She organized and contributed personally in projects focusing on presentation of Swedish culture, especially music. One result of this is a concert followed by CD with Swedish vocal, piano and chamber music made in Belgrade. Milica also arranged and coordinated few of a TV transmitted celebration of the “Lucia” festivity for the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade.

Milica LundinMilica LundinMilica LundinMilica Lundin

Her longest employment was in Belgrade, where she worked as a piano teacher in primary music school/music gymnasium “Mokranjac”. During these four years her students won eight awards on various local competitions for young pianists.